Dear Friends,

Come celebrate with us. Come celebrate the 300th anniversary of us all. Come celebrate the 300 years that have past since 18 January 1707, the day that we consider the day of the foundation of ČVUT (the Czech Technical University). This date is often disputed by many, perhaps because it makes our university the oldest technical university in Central Europe. However, this date is well substantiated – this is when the emperor decided that it was necessary to release some funds for engineering studies….

We want CTU to be a prestigious university. For this reason, it is necessary that we stick together. And the celebration of the 300th anniversary of CTU is meant to help; it is a good opportunity to realize our identity, to support our university, to bring our offices close together and improve their effective cooperation, and to meet different academicians and our non-academic employees from different departments, dean’s offices, and the rector’s office.

We do not want it to be just a formal celebration, but a celebration which all participants would benefit from, which would remind everybody of the rich history of CTU with the excellent accomplishments of our professors and graduates, and would inform everybody about our current situation and future plans. We trust that it will inspire all of us to search for new ways leading to wonderful pedagogic and work accomplishments. The celebration will be designed for all kinds of people: there will be concerts for the contemplative, a ball for those who like to dance, painting on the sidewalk for your children, a cross-country run for the athletic, VIP tournaments for top managers, and television and radio programs for everybody. You will be able to see a part of our campus from the balloon. Although this is a celebration, work international scientific conferences will be a big part of it as well.

The celebration of the 300th anniversary of CTU is being prepared by a large team of organizers, including students. They are spending a lot of time on it. They love doing it and are looking forward to many unforgettable moments with you. Our website regarding the celebration is here to make sure that you will not miss any event that may be interesting for you.

All the best not only to our university, but also to you. And do not forget: the next anniversary will not be for another 100 years!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

prof. Ing. František Vejražka, CSc.
Vice-Rector for Public Relations

prof. Ing. František Vejražka, CSc.